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About Us:
FATECH ELECTRONIC (FOSHAN) Co., Ltd., is located in Guangdong Provincial New Light Production Base, CHINA, is a professional ISO9001-2008 manufacturer on R&D and producing lightning and surge protection devices (SPD). Our company gathered all kinds of high-skilled personnel, including senior PhD, senior engineers, and excellent technicians with more than 10 years experience.
Our Main Products:
◆ Surge Protective Device for Photovoltaic System
◆ Surge Protective Device for Low-voltage Power System
◆ LED Street Light Surge Protection Device
◆ Intelligent Surge Protective Device
◆ Surge filter/Surge Protective Device box type
◆ Surge Protective Device for Signal Coaxial System
◆ Lightning Counter
◆ Test Device
Global Partners:
We are now exporting to more than 100 countries and areas, mainly in Europe, Asia, Latin-America, and Middle East. Our global partners including Ericsson, Sri Lanka Telecom, Telefonica-Movie and so on.
Our In-House Test Lab:
Fatech has established independent quality test center, including reliable testing lab., environment aging testing lab., and products release testing lab., which can be performed tests below:
◆ Impulse current generator (8/20 μs/160kA and 10/350μs/20kA)
◆ Thermal stability tester
◆ Salt Spray Chamber
◆ Multi-function Varistor Tester
◆ On-line Aging Tester
◆ Dielectric Voltage Withstand Tester
◆ 1.2/50 Voltage Impulse Generator
◆ Environment Stimulating Tester
◆ Lightning Surge Counter Tester
Our Certificates:
Fatech is ISO9001-2008 approved manufacturer, all products are CE certified, main products are TUV certified according to IEC/EN61643-11:2011. New patented products are developed every year.
Test Lab
National & International Exhibition
Site Operation
International Certificates-CE
ISO9001International Certificate-TUV mark & TUV CE
Registration Certificate in ChinaTest Reports in Third party's Test Lab.ChinaPhotovoltaic Pv Spd

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