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With a fascinating and classical pistol appearance, BPT1000 weirran hand held battery powered sprayer has a straightforward design and frosted surface finishing, it really gives you fantastic experience and enjoys when you hold it and spray, it fits both right and left hand comfortably. Simply press trigger to have consistent spray. Its efficient performance not only saves your time but also lets you get rid of hand fatigue and boring. A switch lock avoids incorrect operation. Durable materials enables it working well for almost all diluted chemicals. Adjustable nozzle provides gently shifting between mist and stream patterns. Small size of droplets are distributed on leaves of plants and surface of objects equably to realize an ideal effect. A built-in gate valve prevent nozzle from dripping after spraying. Powerful gear pump secures priming within 4 seconds and allows small size of particles to pass through. The detachable holster not only provide a place to store the sprayer but also is re-attachable to any gallon bottle. 36inches pick-up tube allow you to hold sprayer in one handle and to hold bottle in the other without being constrained. With all these features, the sprayer definitely deserves to be called as multi-purpose sprayer, and has been widely used for gardening, cleaning, fertilizing, pesticides controlling mold killing, weeds killer spraying, air refreshing, disinfecting and sanitizing etc. Both indoors( such as kitchen, bathroom, basement and windows) and outdoors(such as camping size, RV, boat, garden, slide glass door. Exterior windows).
Model numberBPT-1000Hose length1.4m or customized
Item nameBattery power hand sprayerBattery4pcs of AA size alkaline batteries
Product weight185gPrime height140cm high from water level
Plastic MaterialPP, PVC,POM,ABSPrime time<4sec.
Other materialCeramicSafety lockAvailable
MotorSpeed: 18000rpm
Working currency: 1.1A
Working volt: 6vLid typeNPT38/400 standard
PumpGear pumpFlow rateMist pattern: 230ml/min
Stream pattern: 320ml/min
Battery Operated: press and spray, easy for use. This product is portable and suitable for female and elder users, who would had hand ache to use a hand pump sprayer after continuous working.
Bottle Separated: when users are working with our battery sprayer, instead of carrying heavy bottle in hand, they just put bottle on ground and only hold a compact sprayer
Chemical Resistant Materials: the whole tunnel water going through sprayer is made of chemical resistant material, such as ceramic filter ball, PVC hose, POM gears and PP nozzle. This sprayer is workable for most chemicals with low viscosity.
Household: applying cleaner for toilet, bathroom and windows.
Garden: spraying fertilizer, herbicide, weed-killer; watering plates.
Why cooperate with us?
1. Strict Quality Control
It's the most essential issue for customers, we really pay more attention to this part.From raw material procurement to mass production, each link matters equally.For raw material, official report can be offered. Even though our material suppliers have a stable business relationship with us, we check its quality every time as strict standard.During the mass production, once defective products to be seen, we will abandon them without any doubt.After production done, inspector will check according our complete inspection system, and official report can be offered as well.
2. Cost-Effective
Without any redundant parts, our products take a lot of advantages, not only save material, but literally decrease our customers' cost.
3. Reasonable Price
Profit is important for us to keep our company working and going. While considering customers' interests, price is in a reasonable range and we will  not lower our quality to cater customers' "low price" ever.
4. Flexible Payment Term
We gather that stereotype cannot win customers' favour, so for you, payment term is negotiable by current situation.
5. Customization
With customer-oriented thoughts, all reasonable and workable requirements will attract our eyes. Normally they are about color and packaging, but even other issues, we are trying our best all the time.
6. Good After-Service
Any issue, please contact with sales rep, We will give you feedback within 2 days. And various solutions are provided until your problem settled.
7. Complete Certificate
We can offer various certificates meeting with your requires, such as CE, SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001.
8. R&D
We invest a lot in R&D, several patents are applied each year and Promise in here is that we are unique. Besides, we are willing to develop products with you. Exclusive agreement or non disclosure agreement is available. So, let's grow together.Pesticide Sprayer suppliers

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