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Product Overview
Features glossy black shades with a glazed look.
Perfect for residential and commercial use.
Classic subway tiles design with bevel edges.
Product Description
With this glazed ceramic mosaic tile, it's easy to add a splash of classic styling to your decor. Glamorous black shades featuring a contemporary look, this glossy ceramic mosaic offers a beautiful pattern for different projects in bathrooms, kitchens and other residential spaces.
Product Code4595TNB209
Chip size45x95x6mm
Tile size291x296mm
Tile MaterialCeramic
Tile UseBacksplash, Bathroom walls and floors, Kitchens, Shower walls.
Tile FinishGlossy
Tile FeaturesChemical Resistant, Frost Resistant, Heat Insulation
Package18 PCS/CTN, 1.55 SQM/CTN, 18.83KGS/CTN
Product Advantage
1. The glazed ceramic tiles are rich in color patterns and specifications. It is easy to clean and have a large selection space for kitchens and bathrooms. The surface of the glazed tile can be made into various patterns, which are richer in color and pattern than polished tiles.
2. The biggest advantage of this glazed ceramic mosaic tiles is anti-seepage, and not afraid of dirt. Most of the glazed tiles are anti-skid and wear resistant. They definitely meet the needs of residential use.
3. Easy to clean. The ceramic subway tile is more regular in shape and larger in size, and their sturdy body makes it easy to wipe clean. This is one of the reasons why the subway tile backsplash is particularly popular in kitchens around the world.
About us
Global Bridge is a company helping our clients to grow business by designing, sourcing and delivery mosaic products. We established in 2006, have a modern showroom and office building of 4200 Square meters. We have 12 years’ experience in mosaic industry and a sales team of 17 persons with working year from 1 to 15 years. Our services provide exceptional value by the quality and innovation on time. Our customers see us as their solution provider and we have already successfully cooperating with nearly 300 clients and some of them became our sole distributors and partners.
Mosaic Inspection
We have a professional quality inspection team. The average team work experience is 5-8 years. We have one-on-one service to protect your products. We will check the goods before shipment, including color, size and thickness.  overall appearance, packaging and other aspects of measurement. We regularly train our quality inspectors for increasingly closer mosaic manufacturing techniques, surface effects and more. In order to bring the best products to you.Glazed Ceramic Tile suppliers

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