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JY heat exchanger vessel include: shell and tube heat exchangers, volumetric heat exchangers, coolers and so on.
Technical Parameters:
Gas volume: 1~100Nm3/min
Working pressure: 0.4 ~ 6.0Mpa
Inlet temperature: ≤160°C
Exhaust temperature: ≤45°C
Inlet temperature: ≤27°C
Water quality: PH6.5-7.5
Water pressure: 0.15-0.4Mpa
JY heat exchanger vessel are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, ships, refrigeration and air conditioning, machinery, food, pharmaceuticals and other fields. The petroleum and chemical industries are the main application areas for chillers. Almost all processes in petroleum and chemical production have heating, cooling or condensing processes and all require coolers. The shipbuilding industry uses a large number of heat exchanger vessel such as central coolers. The machinery industry uses a large number of oil coolers, intercoolers, and other heat exchanger vessel in automobiles, construction machinery, and agricultural machinery. In addition, heat exchanger vessel is used in food, medicine, and other fields. The amount of the device is also Pressure Vessel

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