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Relaxation techniques can be used to relax the body before hitting the hay, and combined with exercise like yoga and visualizations, you can find sleep easier than you think The easiest way to sleep better might actually have to do with your diet. Caffeine has a profound effect on your sleeping patterns and drinks like RedBull and coffee aren't going to help you get any rest. Magnesium-based foods are also one of the best ways to help  Mela Luna Sleep Review  as it is a natural sedative. There are other natural remedies to sleeping better, like exposing yourself to more sunlight during the day to give the body a subliminal push as to when to hit the sack. You could also try listening to light music that can ease your body and put your mind at rest before you go to bed. Among other things to try are acupuncture, aromatherapy and scented candles, as they can help produce melatonin in your body and thus act as a sedative.

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